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Hello & Welcome to YOUR journey…

How A2B can help YOU, TODAY?


A2B Fitness is an incredible community of strong, inspiring women who all want to make positive changes to their wellness and lifestyle. This community is a safe space and built on a foundation of support, inclusivity and accountability. A2B believes exercise to be an empowering tool that woman should use to build themselves up both internally and externally!

A journey from A to B isn’t just about aesthetic weight loss, the goal is to inspire, motivate and empower you to feel mentally stronger, more confidant and to develop a higher sense of self-love and accomplishment. The aim is to make exercise less intimidating and accessible to everyone so that movement can be enjoyed regularly in a happy, well balanced lifestyle.

During the last year A2B has helped transform women both mentally and physically. Join the TEAM TODAY!

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Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

•A2B Fitness membership classes are totally inclusive of ability and body type so whether you’re just starting out or wanting to really push your limits, you’re in the right place!


A2B Fitness PRICES:

Due to the current pandemic, A2B classes are currently being taught online via ZOOM.

-Barre, Body Strength, Weights and Cardio!

-Class times will be posted weekly via Instagram/FB!

£3- Single Pringle, Drop in

£5.50- Double Whammy, 2 classes per week

£7- Triple Crown, 3 classes per week

Please note: The Double Whammy & Triple Crown must be purchased in advance. You cannot purchase a Single Class then ‘upgrade’ your payment for another class that week. If you wish to join the next class you will need to purchase an additional Single class drop in.

**Unfortunately, I cannot offer any refunds or additional class credits due to missed classes at this time.

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Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

How to BOOK?

To book into 1 or ALL of the classes please…

• Make a payment via the PayPal link-

• It is important that you please click ‘Sending to a friend or to family’ when making payment. This is to stop PayPal from taking a fee for the transaction!

• Please state which classes you would like to be booked into so that I can send you the correct Zoom links.

• Once you have made a payment, your Zoom Link to join class will be sent to you no later than 1 hour before the class starts!